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This page is our opportunity to explain the services that we provide.  As a board certified family physician, Dr. Greider can diagnose and treat most illnesses and injuries.  Comprehensive physical examinations with electrocardiographic and spirometric evaluations are available in the office and laboratory testing is within the complex.  Radiology services are nearby.  Referrals to specialty consultants in all areas are made if necessary or requested.  Hospital staff privilages are maintained at El Camino Hospital.         
Here are some examples services that we provide:

  Sports Medicine
  Wilderness and Travel Medicine
  FAA Aviation Medical Examinations
  SCUBA and Sports Physicals
  Complementary Therapies
  Cardiac and Pulmonary Testing
  Family Medicine and Pediatrics
We may discuss some common medical problems in this section such as knee pain.
knee pain
If you are experiencing knee pain it may be due to poor allignment owing to inadequate arch support or hard surface. 

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